Hanging on His Words: The Passage

Tuesday, I double check our travel itinerary for this week's spiritual jaunt together towards a sermon for the Tenth Sunday after Trinity and sigh. We're headed quite a long way, well outside my comfort zone into rather unfamiliar territory. Ignore my grumbling. We use a 1-Year lectionary--a well-worn churchly roadmap of readings, handed down by … Continue reading Hanging on His Words: The Passage

God Breathes Life

Hear the full audio of "God Breathes Life"A sermon on Genesis 2:7-17Seventh Sunday after Trinity, 30 July 2017From the beginning, God gives us a glimpse of His personal interest and affection toward each person He brings forth into the world. The fallen world continually diminishes personhood into biological accident, evolutionary anomaly or random combination of … Continue reading God Breathes Life