“Thou Shalt,” but “This Do!”

Do Christians really randomly pick and choose what commandments to keep? Sometimes it seems so. A Lutheran pastor here illustrates a method to the sometimes apparent madness (or Biblical wisdom) of knowing which Word of God to apply first or in which circumstance when God’s commandments appear to contradict in a “rock-and-a-hard place” kind of way—Like a pandemic!

Genesis 37: A maskil of Christopher

A poetic meditation and vignette on this Bible passage, which I composed following my daily devotional reading this morning. The name Christopher literally means "Christ-bearer."--slight edits 3.9.18 Genesis 37: A maskil of Christopher I Their Father, “Off to Hebron!” sent his Joseph there to implement His will, discover whether jealous brothers and their flocks fared … Continue reading Genesis 37: A maskil of Christopher