From L to R: Kim (the Bride), McKenna (youngest daughter), Jeff (me), Noah (middle son), Katie (daughter-in-law), and Erik (eldest son, Katie’s husband)

Jeff and Kim married more than 25 years ago, in 1990.  She’s a native of Wayne, America more or less.  Kim earned her bachelor’s in English and Psychology from Wayne State College, where they met in a Philosophy of Religion class, of all places.  They have two sons and a daughter and another daughter (in-law).  Now they’re learning how to share an empty nest, since the kidlings are all out of high school.

Rev. Jeff Warner is an ordained servant of the Christ, called by the Lord to the ministry of Word and Sacrament among His blood-bought people of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Laurel, NE (you can find online sermons and other things there).  He began that ministry in Laurel as recently as October 2, 2016.  Before that he served as full time Spiritual Care Coordinator for AseraCare Hospice of Norfolk, NE from November 2009 to October 2016.  He continues to provide occasional hospice care on that terrific team.

In prior years, Pastor Warner served First Trinity, rural Beatrice, NE and Zion Lutheran Church (and School, in those years) of rural Bancroft, NE.  He worked more than a decade with the Native American peoples of the Omaha Tribe as a missionary chaplain, providing spiritual care through their mental health staff, inpatient hospital DDU, outpatient treatment center, and nursing home facility.  He trained as a vicar at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Ferrin, IL where his primary duties included chaplaincy at nearby Centralia Correctional Center, a medium security Illinois state prison for men.

Warner grew up on dairy farms near small towns around Norfolk, NE including Madison, Battle Creek and Plainview, NE (where he graduated high school in 1986).  He was awarded his bachelors with majors in American Literature and Creative Writing at Wayne State College in Wayne, NE.  His M.Div. was earned at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO in 1995.

Jeff has blogged off and on about topics both secular and sacred since around 1997.  He’s published in-house essays, articles, and various other writings for the church.  He helped edit the college and seminary newspapers, literary journals, and writes now and then for the local Laurel Advocate.  A recent theological essay “Patients in Suffering” was published by Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology in Eastertide, 2015 issue.

Over the years, Pastor Warner served on conference panels and as keynote speaker on topics including the theology and practice of Lutheran mission work, chaplaincy, hospice and end of life ministry.