Below are links to our ongoing Sanctuary Bible Study series on Revelation. It’s a slow paced, worshipful conversation on this rich treasure from Heaven known as Revelation.

Check back for latest episodes and updates, or subscribe to the podcast. For now, I’m unable to embed the audio directly, so the web links will point to the episode pages at:

Session One: An Introduction [audio] [slides video] 09.15.19

Session Two: The Prologue [audio] [slides video] 09.22.19

Session Three: The Greeting [audio] [slides video] 09.29.19

Session Four: The Doxology [audio] [slides video] 10.06.19

Session Five: The Lord Arrives [audio] [slides video] 10.13.19

Session Six: The Son of Man [audio] [slides video] 10.20.19

Session Seven: The Living Son of Man [audio] [slides video] 10.27.19

Session Eight: Seven-fold Structure of Seven Letters [audio] [slides video] 11.03.19