“Thou Shalt,” but “This Do!”

Do Christians really randomly pick and choose what commandments to keep? Sometimes it seems so. A Lutheran pastor here illustrates a method to the sometimes apparent madness (or Biblical wisdom) of knowing which Word of God to apply first or in which circumstance when God’s commandments appear to contradict in a “rock-and-a-hard place” kind of way—Like a pandemic!

Midweek Lent 6 Online Service and Bulletin

In these days, event the best and the brightest stand a bit shaken and uncertain. Those supposed to possess wisdom are found wanting for now.  Preachers and priests too discover they possess no quick fix for our faintheartedness or easy answer to our anxieties. Small wonder you may feel foolish and out of sorts, even … Continue reading Midweek Lent 6 Online Service and Bulletin