People starting to get on your nerves? Being cooped up in close proximity with born sinners is a recipe for temptation and conflict. Tough sometimes not to lash out with hard words or deeds. Resentment can build even when we hold our tongues or stop ourselves short of being hurtful. Bitterness, anger, guilt, shame well up in the conscience.

Along comes Christ, with the means of cleansing even the depths of your conscience. He’s the Go-between guy that gets down between two hanging thieves to make peace. There’s forgiveness for you, for them, in His blood. A new covenant is forged by Christ to restore and renew our conscience to confidence and service even before God. Take heart, and take the good gifts Christ won and delivers for you.

“Jesus is God’s Representative and Ours!”

A service with sermon on Hebrews 9:11-15 / Fifth Sunday in Lent / 29 March 2020

You can download or scroll along in the Online Bulletin document visible to follow and participate along with the service at home or wherever you are.

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