Preface to the 2018 Lent Series

Read the origin story of this 2018 Lent sermon series about a small town wrestling with big questions about Baptism… The chapel at that southern Illinois State Correctional Center was quiet except for the distant whir and hum of the prison porter's vacuum cleaner. New Inmate Orientation was over. Chapel rules, activities and services were … Continue reading Preface to the 2018 Lent Series

Have You Seen Abraham?

What do we do with such a feisty Jesus? What of this name-calling, disagreeable Jesus in John 8? Religious conflicts and arguments remain as plentiful as ever. God's Name most often gets dragged into these modern conflicts about laws and rules, rather than matters of grace and forgiveness of sins, the presence of the living God among his people on earth, and His gift of eternal life. People stand and fight about all the wrong things. Jesus proclaims that heaven is for the living, not the dead... Listen in as Jesus fights about the living God and true religion, for you...