“And in other news: Techs restored Baptism and Fellowship Series audio this week. The lone Web monkey at isaiah504blues.com repaired the audio links to the Baptism (2017) and Fellowship (2018) Lent Sermon Series pages.

During the renovation of the podcast host site, immanuellutheranlaurelne.com, all previously embedded and direct download links to sermon, Bible Study and other audio prior to September 2019 collapsed.

The result: complete silence or 404 Not Found errors.

Monkey swung his way on vine-like wiring through the tech jungle to repair the code for the featured series’ home pages linked in the masthead.

Active links at series pages once again connect to specific audio episodes at immanuellutheranlaurelne.com. The full body of podcast audio remains available there, going back more than four years.

Search features at that site, along with multiple filters, should help visitors locate previous episodes.

New entries (post September 2019) are more easily searchable by Bible passage and other key words. It is also now easier than ever to subscribe to the isaiah504blues podcast there at immanuellutheranlaurelne.com

The gray little webmonkey enjoys visitors, old and new. Guests reportedly are invited to feed him and share your favorite fruits of his e-vineyard with others.

(You can find and follow Pastor Jeff Warner on Facebook and Twitter)

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