…while we transition to an updated website for Immanuel Lutheran Church!

A number of readers have noted a disruption in the audio feed. The congregation which I serve is updating their website, which hosts my audio vault of over three years of sermons and such. My links to sermons here are likely all broken at this time.

While I work with the hosting company to sort these things out, please visit the sermon feed page and consider subscribing to the podcast at the following link:

Services, Studies and Sermons


And by the way, today is the third anniversary of my installation here as Pastor of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Laurel, NE. Thanks be to God for the privilege of serving these saints of God and many more not pictured here.

Again, the current audio feed is still available for your browser or podcast app at this link. Thanks for your patience:

Services, Studies and Sermons

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