Welcome to a study of Revelation!

We’re stepping away from deeper study of the sermon text and going to study a Bible book together. The book our learners requested and selected is Revelation.

Kind readers, I pretend no expertise on our subject matter. I have studied and taught this beautiful and challenging book a few times throughout my ministry to the saints, and more often preached on those portions found in the lectionary. I happily acknowledge my heavy reliance upon material taught and published by Dr. Louis Brighton in his work Revelation, part of the Concordia Commentary series. There are other resources I also utilize, but none so helpful as this book.

Dr. Brighton was my favorite seminary professor. From this servant of our Lord, I first learned Biblical Hermeneutics. He taught the book of Romans to me as well. I thoroughly enjoyed his engaging manner of teaching those classes. His spirit of humility and devout reverence for the very Word of God also characterized our study in his Revelation class. Of course, we were to translate every verse of the book, word by word, as we went through his class–ready to explain and support our every translation decision. He made us work rigorously, but always with the singular goal that the Word of God be proclaimed for the admonition and comfort of God’s blood-bought people from every nation and tribe and people and language.

Now Dr. Brighton rests from his labors among the innumerable host of those in white robes standing before the throne, with palm branches in their hands crying out “Salvation belongs to our God and to the Lamb upon the throne!” (Rev. 7:9-17) Of any professor worthy of the archaic, antiquated term for such theologians and teachers, I reckon him among the ‘divines.’

Our first session covers some introductory thoughts and historical background. We will start deeper engagement of the chapters and verses next week.

Here is our introductory session, not from a professor, but led by a pastor of a rural small town congregation of saints in Christ Jesus.

Hear the full audio of Revelation Session One: Introduction

Below is a video export of my keynote slides used in class. If you like, start the audio–then play and pause the video sideshow manually. Time constraints of ministry to people in my care preclude my investing time required to edit/synchronize the audio and video.

Here is the video sideshow of Revelation Session One: Introduction

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