Lawlessness, Injustice, Outrage, Violence and Death…the bloody sins of others seem to be reigning unchallenged and staining our daily lives, too. Are we forever bound to surrender our own bodies to ungodly impulse and chaotic causes?

In Christ, we’ve been ransomed away from the senseless life of sin. We’re made fit and able to serve that Teacher and Lord who kneels to wash disciples’ feet. No more need we pursue such careless, vicious ends in this world.

His Baptism ends our spiritual bondage to sin and begins our service to the living Lord Jesus “in everlasting righteousness, innocence and blessedness.” Our bodies, too, are made free to serve our neighbor’s need in accord with the holy, life-giving will of God.

Hear the full audio of The Baptismal End of Lawlessness

A sermon on Romans 6:19-23 / Seventh Sunday after Trinity / 04 August 2019

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