Looking for important and precious work a Christian ought to take up? Here’s a beautiful passage from our Lord’s “Sermon on the Plain” in Luke 6.

Hear the full audio from Bible Study on 14 July 2019

Judge not!!! You shall not judge!!!

Some quote this part of today’s passage, ignoring is context and missing the best part of the work our Lord commends and commands for his disciples: FORGIVE!!

Jesus speaks this way to the disciples whom he had called and chosen for himself. He speaks very differently to Pontius Pilate when he stands accused. Pilate is not told “You shall not judge…”. Some holds the office and vocation in life which requires judgments be made.

Parallelism of “judge” and “condemn

Caveat of those who are given office, the vocation, for this work of judging, etc.

Contrasting Parallelism of “forgive” and “give

Christians “Forgive” vs. saying “It’s OK” (granting permission to sin)

Christians “Forgive” vs. “It’s no big deal / No problem” (ignoring / denying sin)

Forgiveness does not belong to those who deserve it, but who least deserve it.

Forgiveness acknowledges the evil action really happened.

Forgiveness acknowledges sinful hurt and destruction resulted.

Forgiveness recognizes sin deserves punishment or consequence.

Forgiveness pardons sin, rather than punish it, for Christ’s sake.

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