Our region endured very heavy rains, flooding, high winds and blowing snow all from the same storm. Lent Service Wednesday night was canceled on that account, though I do hope to post the next segment of our special Lent series and related study material when time allows.

If we didn’t know or doubted God’s true qualities, character and concern before the storm–we surely won’t find reliable evidence in the weather and road reports. Rather, we find it revealed in the Word from faith to to faith in Jesus Christ and Him alone. Thus we share the faith as only the Lord makes it known!

Here’s a simple service of prayer for our community and encouragement from God’s Word appointed for days like this. Perhaps you and your family might join us for about 30 minutes here online to seek the Lord’s help and receive some assurance, comfort and hope in Jesus’ name. If you’re pressed for time, Homily begins @ about 14 min mark.

The power was out as I recorded this. Also, I’ve never made a video before, or used YouTube. First time for everything, I reckon. To paraphrase the philosopher, “I geeze, therefore I am.” Regardless, the audio improves sufficiently once the candles are lit and the service proper starts.

Our power is restored now, for the time being. Many thanks to our diligent utility workers faithfully fulfilling their godly vocations. Least I can do is try to fulfill mine. Hear how small towns in Nebraska communities find their hope in the Gospel.

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