Hear the full audio of Children of the Day

A sermon on 1 Thessalonians 5
Midweek Advent Service IV, 20 December 2017

By Baptism, God our Father gives us the life and new birth of water and the Spirit. We are called His “Children of the Day.” That glorious title is given by grace to inglorious sinners. Though clothed in Christ’s righteousness, awash in the light of the Gospel, we’re not all that impressive in and of ourselves. Patiently, persistently the Holy Spirit does the work of making us holy.

Nonetheless, even the idle, the weak and the faint hearted truly belong in our number–indeed, especially these. God draws us all into His community of encouragerers, the Church. Here He builds us up by the Word and sanctifies us thoroughly in spirit, soul and body. This is His work, given freely to those who need it most. He is faithful in fashioning all His Children of Light, in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

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