Hear the full audio of Who Will Move The Stone

A sermon on Mark 16:1-8
The Resurrection of Our Lord (Easter Sunday), 16 April 2017

We have a lot to learn from the faith of these women. The apostles themselves must learn from them, too. In their haste to make right what went undone, do things right with regard to their beloved Lord’s burial, they remembered the spices, the oils, but forgot a great stone stood in the way of their giving Jesus a proper burial. It was shameful, the hurry-up burial He had been given. They would go back, do it right. While the apostles hid huddled in the upper room, these women pressed on with the work that needed to be done.

The Lord has plans of His own. Heavy stones prove no obstacle to him. Neither does their guilt, nor their shame, nor their fear. Stones prove no barrier to His plans for them either–that they should be first to bear the Word “He is risen.” These women of faith find in that Word all the direction and hope that they need to overcome their own stone-cold fear. The Living Lord Jesus changes our plans, usually before we are ready or able to explained what just happened or understand what comes next. So we go where we’re pointed, meet Him where He promises to be, and in His word find faith to go forward.

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