Hear the full audio of Hope Because of the Blood of My Covenant

A sermon on Zechariah 9:9-12
Palm Sunday / 9 April 2017

“Why should I dare to have hope?” The Daughter of Zion endured captivity, exile, and seventy years raising her family far from home. She cast her hope into a deep well, there to die of starvation and thirst. You may be a daughter with little hope. All were born of a daughter, raised by daughters. We were taught by daughters, some married daughters and raise daughters of their own. How shall the Daughter live in hope?

Here God speaks hope to this daughter! He sends her Deliverer King! Secured in his reign, He extends it over all the earth by His Word of peace. God declares this Daughter’s hope–your own hope, too–must be set free and live! The Lord guides her return to the stronghold, where her hope is safe and secure. Let her hope starve no more, but be fed at His table. May her thirst be quenched with His cup–the cup of the new Covenant in his blood. Rejoice, O Daughter–Christ, your King, comes to you!

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