“…In the heat of the day, the rattlesnakes will seek a cool spot in the shade of the rocks and boulders there. Even before cell phones and Instagram, traveling people unfamiliar with Sandhills wildlife liked to send their children to climb those rocks and family to pose for pictures. The locals knew better, thus the sign, “Beware of rattlesnakes.” I believed the words on that sign and have never (yet) decided to risk my life on a whim just to find out how true they are, not even for the sake of a nice family picture.

At the end of our Gospel reading in Luke 11, Jesus says “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it.” The Word of God we heard today talks about other creatures that threaten the lives and well being of God’s people. Jesus himself and others use various words here for demon or evil spirit, over twelve times in our text, not counting the pronouns we find there like “it” or “they.” Jesus wants his people to know about the threat of an evil spirituality, and that He has come to end it and claim His people for himself…”

Hear the full audio of Cast Out and Gathered With Jesus

A sermon on Luke 11:14-28
Third Sunday in Lent, 19 March 2017

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