This is a terrible parable for preachers. As Jesus sees the crowds coming out, he knows full well how it goes. So much of what he does by his preaching won’t ever start to bear fruit. Some takes root and sinks in, but not deep enough to survive through the heat of the day. Others stalks start to show and bear fruit, just to be choked out by thorns. It’s a terrible parable, because some hear and will not understand the secrets, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. 

And preachers have no power, no control or say-so, whether the faith now sprouting in you will take root and last through it all or does not. All we know is we’re given to sow the seed, the eternal life-giving seed, which is the Word of God. We’re to scatter it without regard for where it lands or what happens next. Whether you believe it or don’t, if you receive it or won’t…

Listen to the audio of “Where Scattered Seed Grows

A sermon on Luke 8:4-15

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